The Brightside Group

Founded by Chef James Diack, The Brightside Group, has four restaurants in Johannesburg – Coobs (Parkhurst), Douglas + Hale (Parktown North), Il Contadino (Parktown North) and La Stalla (Melville). Brightside Farm, where James was raised, is run by his mother Janet and provides 95% of the produce served at each restaurant – thus, the name The Brightside Group.

Passionate about seasonality and sustainability, the team is committed to providing a world class experience from nose-to-tail, root-to-leaf, beginning-to-end, that hopes to inspire others to live more conscious and sustainable lives.

While each restaurant is slightly different, they are individually driven by a young chef and front of house manager, that have trained with James to deliver simple, beautiful, flavourful food with gracious hospitality in stunning environments.